Education is key!

There is a bigger picture, when choosing a medical alert company.  Today, I received a email from a potential client.   The customer posed the question, “Will your product work with WiFi without subscribing to the monthly service fee?” A great question to ask!  Here, at STAT Medical Alert we believe educating our customers is key.  Our mission statement is, “We create peace of mind for you and your entire family.”  Sales pitches and contracts are not a part of our verbiage.  My response to the customer was, “This is a safety device and our company’s #1 priority is your safety.  Sure it would work with WiFi, however what happens when your WiFi doesn’t work or worse, what happens to the service once you step out of your home?”  To the surprise of the customer, she hadn’t thought of that.  That is why you can always count on our company to provide you with accurate and responsible solutions.  We are constantly researching and testing our product line prior to offering it to clients.  We assess all of our clients on a personal basis, customizing an individual safety product for you.

5 Tips For Busy Moms Who Worry

As a mom of four boys, I find it hard to stay worry free. I wear many hats during the day – as a mom, my own boss, wife, friend. However, local networking allows me to connect with women who are going through similar issues.

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