Is your child being BULLIED? What can you do?

We all know we would do anything to protect our children.  When our children are bullied to the point that they don’t want to attend school and it is affecting their health and well-being, this is a MAJOR issue.  When and how does a parent step in?  What can you do to protect your child?  You can’t be there with them at school.  However, with our MX-LOCare watch, you can be.  TWO-Way Voice communication, SOS button to call 3 emergency contacts, GPS Locator and an anti-locking device so NO ONE can remove it off you child.  The best part is it looks like a NORMAL Watch.  There is a secret to it.  We can divulge that by speaking to us.  Don’t let the bullies win, don’t let the schools sit back and do little to help your child.  Be your child’s advocate.  We are here to help you every step of the way.  Call us today for more information