7 Key Ingredients to Successful Monitoring

At STAT Medical Alert, we didn’t just choose any Monitoring Station.  We chose a leader in the industry.

When an emergency takes place, a competent and kind voice assures our clients that everything will be alright. That’s the difference between an alarm system and an alarm company. Our team members are carefully selected and trained. They are highly intelligent, hard-working individuals that care about those they serve. They are kind, polite, courteous, thoughtful and encouraging.

Both of our facilities are UL listed, exceeding all of the Underwriters Laboratories stringent requirements for alarm monitoring facilities set forth in UL 827. We provide real-time instant redundancy between our two central station monitoring facilities, protecting our clients under any circumstance. Our technology includes:

• Auto-start engine driven generators with multiple fuel sources

• Redundant wide-area network circuits connecting our facilities

• Mirrored SurGard System III receivers

• 5-way redundancy between our Stages by SGS automation servers

“AvantGuard invests so much in technology because it is really the critical component that allows us to make great use of our people.” – Justin Bailey, President & COO

Accurately creating and maintaining accurate information for each customer’s account is like the base of a pyramid. We check and double check to make sure the each account is set up correctly with all the information that our operators will need to help customers quickly and effectively. We offer different data entry options to our dealers to accommodate their unique needs. Dealers also have the option to input account information on our free web access – Simple Portal. Contact us for more questions.

AvantGuard develops customized procedures to meet the specific needs of every dealers’ customers. Our IT professionals have many years of combined technical experience and knowledge that help us better serve our dealers and their customers. Our skilled team members write and program step-by-step response instructions for our operators, making sure that each customer is helped within seconds, regardless of the type of alarm system they use. We also provide continuous training to our team members to make sure that they are up to speed on all of the latest innovations in the monitoring industry.  Our operators are trained to carefully follow the customized, step-by-step instructions linked to every account. This takes the guesswork out of every call and allows operators to assess and respond within seconds, saving hundreds of lives and property every year.

Our commitment to answer calls quickly and accurately enables AvantGuard to provide the best monitoring services possible to our Dealers. AvantGuard’s Quality Assurance Department continually evaluates the performance of our highly trained Central Station Operators ensuring that every team member not only meets our high standards of service, but is also setting performance goals to continually fine tune that service.

We strive to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers. We deliver good service by meeting and exceeding expectations. We develop and employ systems that help us be consistent in our service delivery. We won’t commit to providing a service unless we know we can do it well.