Maintaining Your Independence

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a good quality of life as we age is maintaining the independence we’ve worked our whole lives to establish.

We received a phone call from a perspective client, she asked the following:

My 89-year-old mother has fallen down a couple of times, nothing serious, but my sister and I are worried about her being alone. My sister lives about 5 hours drive away, and I live out of state, so we don’t see her that often. We saw the medical emergency necklace on television. Would that be a good thing to get my mother or do you think that a retirement place would be best?

We here at STAT Medical Alert take great pride in evaluating each client like they were our own family member.  We always strive for the ability of our clients to keep their independence.  Of course each client is different.

In this situation, it was just an issue that her mother has fallen. She is quite independent. So, my question is why would you take her independence away? Why remove her from the home that she loves?

We have a simple solution to the problem of falling and allowing for continued independence for her mom and create a peace of mind for the family.

We offer Belle + it is equipped with FALL DETECTION and GPS LOCATOR.  Works on cellular service, no you don’t have to have a cell phone for it to work.  It works on it’s own cellular network.  It is monitored by our Central Monitoring Station 24/7 365 days a year.  Our operators are equipped to handle any type of emergency or just a simple task of helping someone.  The Belle + is a linear device, which is worn around the neck.  It has a two-way voice command so the client can speak into it.  It is shower proof which is extremely important. We know most seniors have the biggest percentage of falls in the shower. Once a fall detection is detected an automatic signal is sent to our station.  You will get an operator through the two-way asking “Mrs. Smith, are you ok?” If, Mrs. Smith does not answer, EMS is dispatched right away. The family is notified and updates are given throughout the process.

Again, creating independence for the client and peace of mind for her daughters.  We pride ourselves in NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS and cancellation at anytime.  If the clients needs change, we re-evaluate the needs with the client and the family and we have so many other products that we can offer to fit anyone’s needs.

Our main priority is to keep our clients independent safely and create a peace of mind for their loved ones.