Wireless In The Home – Fall Detection Pendant

Fall Detection Pendant that can be added to any home based unit. Great for seniors, can be worn in the shower.  Also works outside of your home up to 300 feet.  Push of a simple button when help is needed.  Alert are sent to your loved ones.

This Product requires a monthly service fee of $12.00 a month.

$12.00 / month and a $40.00 one-time activation fee


This is a FALL DETECTION pendant that can be used with the Wireless In The Home Medical Alert System.

This has a “Fall Detection” Large button to press when you need help.  It is Shower Proof and will work inside of the home and up to 300 feet outside of the home.

You can order additional pendants for your loved ones.  Each Pendant cost is $40.00 with a $12.00 monthly service fee for each Pendant purchased.  These are all monitored. Loved ones will receive text messages with any fall or push of the button.

Upon checkout, you will be billed for Price of Pendant (s) and one monthly service fee.



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