Belle Plus Medical Alert System

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We’ve provided safe, reliable in-home protection for years using traditional landline-dependent medical alert systems.  With today’s seniors maintaining more of their independence than ever before, it’s time for that to expand. Meet the Belle Plus mobile medical alert pendant!

Belle Plus is a shower-proof mobile help button designed to be taken wherever your busy life takes you. Belle Plus uses the AT&T cellular network to connect to an operator during an emergency, and also has access to GPS information. Belle Plus can also detect falls automatically.

After pressing the call button or when a fall is detected, the call will be made to a ResponseNow operator. Once connected the operator can do anything from sending emergency services to calling a friend or family member off of your predetermined contacts list.


In addition to the standard call button that can be pushed for help, Belle Plus also features fall detection. Using a patented algorithm that measures speed, direction and the impact of each movement a customer makes, Belle Plus can automatically go into alarm and contact an emergency operator. As with any fall detection pendant customers should always press their call button during an emergency if they possess the ability to do so.


Belle Plus can be located from an account-registered cell phone by texting “Find [customer’s first name as it appears on account]” to 96225. To register your cell phone with this ability please call 866-795-4321. The STAT Medical Alert system will text back shortly after the request has been made with the location of Belle Plus assuming that unit has power.

Please note that requesting tracking for a device places a larger draw on the unit’s battery. It is recommended to charge more frequently if the device is being regularly tracked.

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