Caring for Special Needs Kids

As the parent of a special needs child, I saw the need for ways to make sure I know where my child is and that they are safe.

As my son becomes older, I find myself re-evaluating what is important to my son and how can I achieve that with safety in mind.  My son is now 14 years old.  Intellectually his mind is 7 but his body and hormone factors are of a 14-year-old boy.

A little bit of background of my son.  He was born with a major heart defect called. “Right Hypolpastic Right Heart Syndrome.”  I was diagnosed in utero and had a normal pregnancy.  When Christopher was born, I delivered him at a well know University and he was then sent next door to a well know Children’s hospital.  The delivery was a “normal one.”  He had his first open heart surgery at 2 days old and at 10 days old he developed what we know “Heparin” allergy.  A must needed blood thinner during open heart surgery.  He suffered cardiac arrest with multiple strokes within 24 hours following.  He was clinically dead during the cardiac arrest for 45 minutes, yes I did say minutes.  The promise of his future as we were told was going to be cut short.  Well, Christopher never gave up.  He came home after a long 3 months of his life.  He proceeded to have 3 additional open heart surgeries, the last one at 3 years old.

As the years went on, he hit mile stones but of course with delay.  He surprised us every step of the way.  He struggles with cognitive impairment, severe hearing loss, short-term memory loss.  He is a freshman in High school in an inclusion classroom with an IEP since he was in Kindergarten.

I share this story, because we all have one with our own special needs child.  What I want for my son is to have him live a normal life for HIM.  To make sure that he is happy, no matter what he is doing.  However, I need to make sure he is safe while doing simple things, like riding his bike in our cul-de-sac. Safe at school, on the bus and wherever I can’t be or see him.

This is where our products for special needs children are so dear and close to my heart.  Every time I am called to place a product on a child, it’s as if I am placing it on my own.  Here at STAT Medical we know what struggles parents face and the struggles their children face.

With autistic children that are Non-verbal it is so important that you know what is going on with your child when you can’t be there.  With children that are “runners” it is important when they wander or run that you do not rely on law enforcement to locate your child if they do not have a GPS tracker on them.  Time is of essence when finding a child with special needs.